Our Guide to our Top 5 Bathing Suit Trends for Summer 2017

Our Guide to our Top 5 Bathing Suit Trends for Summer 2017

This summer will certainly be one of the most fashion oriented seasons. With the numerous women’s clothing and swimwear, being spoilt for choice is inevitable. Courtesy of our swimsuit guide, you can rest assured that you will make an unforgettable fashion statement. That said, do you know what swim suits to wear in order to pull that Kim Kardashian look?

Best swimsuits for summer 2017

Finding the perfect swimsuit can be challenging. But with our guide, you will be able to find that bikini that will look good on you. Here are some of the bikinis you should consider this summer.

  • Off-the-shoulder style

Looking to draw attention in a unique way? Off-the-shoulder styled swimsuits will help you achieve that. Mostly, of-the-shoulder styles are found on athletic bikini tops and one pieces. Be sure to choose an off-the-shoulder bikini that will fit properly. After all, you do not want to feel discomfort when swimming. Do you?

  • Cutout one piece

For the lovers of one piece bikinis, cut outs enable you to introduce sexiness and flair to your style. Mostly, cut outs are done on the chest, back or sides. As much as cut outs are fast becoming the most sought after classy bikinis, ensure you find something that fits well to avoid tan lines on your body.

  • Athletic

Considered one of the best fashion trends in the world of swimsuits, you simply can never go wrong with ath-leisure and athletic bikinis. Athletic swimwear is further complemented by the bold colors and the shouting patterns and zippers.

  • Retro

This vintage look was introduced by Taylor Swift a few years ago and has quickly gained popularity. Retro swimsuits are characterized by high waist bottoms that hit above the hips or up to the waist line. This is definitely the ideal swimwear for anyone looking to not show off a lot of skin without compromising on style.

  • Lace up front bikinis

Lace up fronts provide the best opportunity to show off some skin. In addition, you also get to choose where the laces can be positioned. Considering this style can be very revealing, choose a bikini that allows you to reveal the part you are most comfortable showing off. Moreover, this style is not suited for hard water sports hence you should consider lesser engaging activities.


With the numerous swimwear options, you are guaranteed of finding something that will impress you. Make sure you settle for a properly fitting bikini in order to enjoy every moment of being in the swimsuit.

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  1. Thanks for the interesting read about some swimsuit styles. I actually didn’t know that there could be suits that have an off-the-shoulder style. I’m interested to see what these look like, or how the measurements work for it so that it fits you.

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