Going Organic: Should I?

Going Organic: Should I?


It’s easier than ever to go organic, with more and more stores offering organic alternatives not just to produce, but to a wide variety of their products. But do you actually need to make the switch? Here’s what you need to know about going organic:


  1. Making the change limits your exposure to pesticides. While pesticides definitely have their uses, many farms use more than twelve different types of pesticides on their produce and then do not properly wash the fruit and vegetables they grow to make sure those pesticides have been removed. Produce that is grown using organic methods does not come into contact with these pesticides, making it safer to eat.


  1. Supports local farms. While there are some mega-farms that use organic methods for growing their produce, most organic produce comes from smaller, family-owned and operated farms. When you buy organic, you will be supporting these smaller farms, which are the lifeblood of local economies.


  1. You’ll be eating food that was treated better. Especially when it comes to animal products, if you go organic, you will be supporting farms that are required, according to the National Organic Program, to give their animals access to pastures. Most livestock lives in crowded warehouses, but livestock raised on an organic farm is more likely to live a natural lifestyle and lifespan.


  1. Protect the earth. Organic farming practices can help to protect the health of the soil and increase the biodiversity of their local area. Farms grow a wider variety of crops and use more traditional farming techniques to help keep not just their animals, but the land around them, on which they so desperately rely, healthy. Crop rotation, utilization of rainfall, and natural sunlight are all used instead of chemicals and pesticides to keep the land healthy.

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