Massive Alligator Stuns Photographers in Florida

KIM JOINER/FACEBOOK People in Florida got an unexpected treat when this massive alligator crossed their path.
KIM JOINER/FACEBOOK People in Florida got an unexpected treat when this massive alligator crossed their path.

According to Huffington Post,

A massive alligator, easily as long as a minivan, was caught on video crossing paths with nature enthusiasts in central Florida on Sunday, in a scene that was described as “very exciting” by one brave eyewitness.

Kim Joiner, who posted her now-viral video to Facebook, told The Huffington Post on Monday that she was exploring the Circle B Bar Reserve outside Lakeland when she casually happened upon the gator.


“I am out there a lot taking pictures and walking,” she said. “The gators cross often and I saw this one coming so I wasn’t scared, just gave him space. They just want to cross from one marsh to the other.”

It took about a half-minute for the Goliath of a gator to completely cross what appears to be an 8- to 10-foot-wide path within the 1,267-acre preserve. In the background, several other people are seen gawking with cameras in hand.


Huffington Post

Top 5 Hipster Foods

Top 5 Hipster Foods

Hipsters and everything about them were one of the biggest trends of 2016. Basically the whole concept was to do something that no one else was doing, and go against the mainstream and in the end it spawned a whole new sub culture, involving fashion, music and most importantly cuisine. The food of the hipsters was some of the most significant trends of 2016, here are the top 5 hipster foods that I found to be the most popular trends:



Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds. Anything coffee related and hipsters were involved in it, but the standard affair was that the fancier the coffee the more hipsters consumed it. Any kind of fancy coffee is standard hipster food, especially the cold brews. The cold brews and hipsters go hand in hand, like peanut butter with jelly on a sandwich. The coffee shop trend grew larger and more and more shops popped out on major street corners.

If you’re coming to Los Angeles, we would suggest Inteligensia Coffee in Silverlake.


Vegan Food:

With the advent of the hipster, we saw a lot of people going towards healthier cuisines and then veganism came into the spotlight. The main idea was to go all natural and not use any products that comes from animals, and use plant substitutes instead. This was one of the biggest things that came with hipsters, and has spawned countless recipes ranging from fast food to 5 star meals.



Who doesn’t love some pickle with a nice sandwich followed by a cold beer, but apparently the hipsters love the pickles to death. Pickles were one of the most favored foods eaten by hipsters and were consumed with almost anything, we can’t really explain it why but they love it to death. We like the food too, but not as much as these guys.



Following up on the veganism theme, we have this hipster food. From salads to smoothies, kale is used extensively in any cuisine relatively related to healthy living and just as you may have guessed it, hipsters love it too. Kale was one of the most widely consumed food by the hipsters world over, the leafy green was and by the looks of it one of the popular foods in the world and it might remain that way throughout this year as well.


Craft Beer:

Who doesn’t love a good cold beer after a long day, you might hit the corner bar to get yourself a bottle of your favorite beer. The hipsters fif the same but chose non-commercial craft beers instead. And some of them chose to brew it themselves in their homes. This followed up with their theme of going against the mainstream by looking for drinks that weren’t commercialized and were homebrewed.

So there you have it folks, the top 5 hipster foods we have seen throughout 2016. Now the question remains, that will this trend continue or will something else take its place. Only time will tell that, until then, enjoy these fine hipster foods.


5 Exciting Places You Must Travel in 2017

5 Exciting Places You Must Travel in 2017


One of the most common New Year’s resolutions are to either lose weight or to travel somewhere new. While the first can be done easily by controlling your diet and going to the gym, the latter can get a bit tricky as you might have no idea where to go. But fret no more, as we have the ultimate list for you of the places you can visit:


New Zealand:


Are you a fan of the Lord of the Rings movies? Then you will have an absolute blast over here, as the movie was filmed in none other than New Zealand. the landscape is beautiful along with pristine beaches, dramatic mountains that will remind you of the mines of Moria, and the idyllic countryside that will make you feel like you’re in the plains of Rohan. But that is not all as the main attraction is the food, wine, under-the-radar shopping, and quirky culture that keeps repeat visitors (and locals) coming back for more.




Famous for beng ne of the nicest countries of the world, the Great White North is one of the best places to visit this year (unless you live there of course). The country celebrates its 150th birthday this year an this is an occasion you shouldn’t miss. Summer provides the best climate to visit, while fall comes with vibrant colors, and early September is an art lover’s treat because of the Toronto International Film Festival.




A winter lover’s paradise, this Nordic country is filled with breathtaking snow capped vistas in the winter, and green forestry in the summer with great lake views, and not to mention there are the northern lights as well which is a sight to die for. The country has something different to offer all year round, so no matter what time of the year you go, you’ll have something to experience.




Portugal is undergoing a renaissance, the land is made famous by explorers and travelers who are taking notice of the country. Although not quite popular as its neighbor, Spain; the country has tons to offer in terms of cultural riches, food, art, robust history and sensational wine. If you are the type that goes against the mainstream, then this place would be perfect for you. Like the rest of Europe, its ideal in shoulder seasons, but can be visited all year round.




And finally, we complete with the last entry on our list for all the nature buffs with Rwanda. It is a country known for extremely photogenic landscapes, tea gardens, and is just full of natural wonders. Volcanoes National Park, home to fascinating golden monkeys and half of the world’s gorillas still living in the wild, is a must-visit attraction. Nyungwe Forest National Park, the largest mountain rainforest in Africa, shelters more than a quarter of Africa’s primate species. Its capital offers 5 star accommodations and is home to the Akagera National Park and the Presidential Palace Museum, so you’ll have something to do no matter where you go in the country.