Top 5 Hipster Foods

Top 5 Hipster Foods

Hipsters and everything about them were one of the biggest trends of 2016. Basically the whole concept was to do something that no one else was doing, and go against the mainstream and in the end it spawned a whole new sub culture, involving fashion, music and most importantly cuisine. The food of the hipsters was some of the most significant trends of 2016, here are the top 5 hipster foods that I found to be the most popular trends:



Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds. Anything coffee related and hipsters were involved in it, but the standard affair was that the fancier the coffee the more hipsters consumed it. Any kind of fancy coffee is standard hipster food, especially the cold brews. The cold brews and hipsters go hand in hand, like peanut butter with jelly on a sandwich. The coffee shop trend grew larger and more and more shops popped out on major street corners.

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Vegan Food:

With the advent of the hipster, we saw a lot of people going towards healthier cuisines and then veganism came into the spotlight. The main idea was to go all natural and not use any products that comes from animals, and use plant substitutes instead. This was one of the biggest things that came with hipsters, and has spawned countless recipes ranging from fast food to 5 star meals.



Who doesn’t love some pickle with a nice sandwich followed by a cold beer, but apparently the hipsters love the pickles to death. Pickles were one of the most favored foods eaten by hipsters and were consumed with almost anything, we can’t really explain it why but they love it to death. We like the food too, but not as much as these guys.



Following up on the veganism theme, we have this hipster food. From salads to smoothies, kale is used extensively in any cuisine relatively related to healthy living and just as you may have guessed it, hipsters love it too. Kale was one of the most widely consumed food by the hipsters world over, the leafy green was and by the looks of it one of the popular foods in the world and it might remain that way throughout this year as well.


Craft Beer:

Who doesn’t love a good cold beer after a long day, you might hit the corner bar to get yourself a bottle of your favorite beer. The hipsters fif the same but chose non-commercial craft beers instead. And some of them chose to brew it themselves in their homes. This followed up with their theme of going against the mainstream by looking for drinks that weren’t commercialized and were homebrewed.

So there you have it folks, the top 5 hipster foods we have seen throughout 2016. Now the question remains, that will this trend continue or will something else take its place. Only time will tell that, until then, enjoy these fine hipster foods.


Top 5 Celebrity Beauty Trends for the Summer

Top 5 Celebrity Beauty Trends for the Summer

Summer is a season characterized by fashion and beauty. With the makeup beauty trends this summer, it will surely be one of the most memorable seasons. However, you might consider updating your beauty supply in order to add that summery look to your fashion

Best beauty trends for 2017

With the numerous skin care products flooding the market, finding the ideal makeup could prove to be an uphill task. However, with our beauty tips, you will be able to find that beauty supply that meets your requirements. Here are some of the beauty trends for this summer.

  • Blue eyeliner

Blue is the color for summer and there is no better way to enjoy this season than incorporating this color in your makeup. Blue eyeliners will enable you to achieve that fun and playful look. For eccentricity, use a thick eyeliner to ensure the thin line at the inner corner graduates to a thick line on the outer corner. This is definitely the surest way to achieve sophistication in a simple way.

  • Cherry lips

Most people believe that red lipstick should only be applied during glamorous nights. However, it could complement your summer fashion style if properly done. Red lipstick should be applied with a bare face. With cherry lips, you not only get to update your look but you also look casual.

  • Luminous skin

Summer is all about looking fresh and bright. Using strobe cream will enable you to bring brightness to your complexion. For a radiant glow, apply the cream on your entire face. On the other hand, if you are looking for a strobe-lit finish that is lustrous, apply the cream on different strategic parts of your face.

  • Balmed lips

You necessarily do not need to use too much makeup in order to stand out. You may decide to embrace the natural color of your lips this season. For that healthy and natural look, you simply need to apply lip conditioner.

  • Bronzed eyelids

This is one of the few beauty tips that can be adopted for any season or occasion. Applying a shade of soft gold will go a long way in complementing your summer outfit.


Makeup will definitely come in handy to enhance your look and fashion style. However, the outcome will be determined by the skin care products used and the way you apply them. Therefore, be sure to find skin care product that you can rely on to give you that adorable look. Now that you know the beauty trends for this summer, you are good to enjoy every bit of your summer holiday!

Our Guide to our Top 5 Bathing Suit Trends for Summer 2017

Our Guide to our Top 5 Bathing Suit Trends for Summer 2017

This summer will certainly be one of the most fashion oriented seasons. With the numerous women’s clothing and swimwear, being spoilt for choice is inevitable. Courtesy of our swimsuit guide, you can rest assured that you will make an unforgettable fashion statement. That said, do you know what swim suits to wear in order to pull that Kim Kardashian look?

Best swimsuits for summer 2017

Finding the perfect swimsuit can be challenging. But with our guide, you will be able to find that bikini that will look good on you. Here are some of the bikinis you should consider this summer.

  • Off-the-shoulder style

Looking to draw attention in a unique way? Off-the-shoulder styled swimsuits will help you achieve that. Mostly, of-the-shoulder styles are found on athletic bikini tops and one pieces. Be sure to choose an off-the-shoulder bikini that will fit properly. After all, you do not want to feel discomfort when swimming. Do you?

  • Cutout one piece

For the lovers of one piece bikinis, cut outs enable you to introduce sexiness and flair to your style. Mostly, cut outs are done on the chest, back or sides. As much as cut outs are fast becoming the most sought after classy bikinis, ensure you find something that fits well to avoid tan lines on your body.

  • Athletic

Considered one of the best fashion trends in the world of swimsuits, you simply can never go wrong with ath-leisure and athletic bikinis. Athletic swimwear is further complemented by the bold colors and the shouting patterns and zippers.

  • Retro

This vintage look was introduced by Taylor Swift a few years ago and has quickly gained popularity. Retro swimsuits are characterized by high waist bottoms that hit above the hips or up to the waist line. This is definitely the ideal swimwear for anyone looking to not show off a lot of skin without compromising on style.

  • Lace up front bikinis

Lace up fronts provide the best opportunity to show off some skin. In addition, you also get to choose where the laces can be positioned. Considering this style can be very revealing, choose a bikini that allows you to reveal the part you are most comfortable showing off. Moreover, this style is not suited for hard water sports hence you should consider lesser engaging activities.


With the numerous swimwear options, you are guaranteed of finding something that will impress you. Make sure you settle for a properly fitting bikini in order to enjoy every moment of being in the swimsuit.