Top 5 Music Artists to be Watching for in 2017

Top 5 Music Artists to be Watching for in 2017

             Every year sees the emergence of some new music artists and we saw names like Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert and Desiigner come out winners in 2016. We will need to watch out for the top 5 music artists in 2017 and the following names need a mention here.

  1. Tee Grizzley | 22 | Detroit, MI

With a hit in “First Day Out”, Detroit artist Tee Grizzley may take center stage in 2017. He performed alongside Trey Songz and Chris Brown at The Big Show at The Joe concert on 28th December 2016. His fans are too curious to know his next move.

  1. 6lack | 24 | Atlanta, GA

6lack’s debut album Free 6lack reached No. 5 on the Billboard Rap Charts in November 2016. He will continue his run on the popularity charts in 2017 as well.

  1. Guordan Banks | 27 | Philadelphia, PA

“Keep You in Mind” by the seasoned Guordan Banks reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts in 2016. We would need to watch him in 2017 too.

  1. Bibi Bourelly | 22 | Berlin, Germany

Bibi Bourelly was compared to the late Amy Winhouse for the former’s unique singing talent. The year 2017 will also be a great year for her.

  1. Princess Nokia | 24 | New York, NY

This rapper from New York whose roots can be traced back to Africa will be another name to watch out for in 2017.



Great Books to Read in 2017

Great Books to Read in 2017

Are you an avid reader?

Many people believe that reading books is a habit which everyone must inculcate right from his or her school days. Most of the people in this category are very fond of reading books and it is a ‘must-do’ everyday item for them. They believe that what exercise does for the body, books do for the mind. Some people say that books are the best friends of man. Reading books has a large number of benefits. Apart from many other important ones, reading books stimulates the reader’s mind and leads to relief from stress.

So, which are the great books that one must read in 2017? Here we go.

  1. Amateurs by Sara Shepard

With the Pretty Little Liars series, Sara Shepard is the No. 1 New York Times best-selling author. The Amateurs will keep the readers glued with its steamy romance, twists and turns and some startling revelations.


  1. The Meaning of Michelle

The Meaning of Michelle is a collection of essays written by 15 prominent writers on the ever-so-inspiring Michelle Obama. The stay of Michelle Obama in the White House will figure prominently in the essays.

  1. Difficult Women by Roxane Gay

This is an interesting series of short stories about difficult women by Roxane Gay, author of the best-selling Bad Feminist and a New York Times writer.

5 Movies We’re Excited to See in 2017 – Official Trailers

5 Movies We’re Excited to See in 2017


One of the best things about the New Year is that with it come new movies. Everybody loves watching movies, and there are tons of genres available so everyone can enjoy. Last year we saw some great movies and some not so great ones as well. But what does 2017 hold for us? Here are the top 5 movies to look for in 2017:

Star Wars Episode VIII:

This one is a no brainer and a treat for all nerds and geeks all over the world. The 8th installment of one of the biggest sci-fi franchises in existence is set to release on December 15th in 2017, continuing the story between the forces of the light side of the Force against the dark side. Easily one of the most aviated movies currently and if its anything like the previous one, this is going to be one epic movie.

Wonder Woman:

While the last few films to have come out of the DC universe were met with mixed reviews, this standalone movie based on our favorite crime fighting heroine shows the most promise. From what we see in the trailers and other sneak peeks, this movie has the potential to make it big in the market and be the win DC requires. Don’t miss Wonder Woman in all her glory as she delivers justice on June the 2nd.

Alien: Covenant:

While its predecessor, Prometheus, was less than spectacular what we were expecting from a new movie in the ‘Alien’ franchise, back then; the truth is that despite that we’ll still be eager to see any new developments that will get us back into that world. The new installment is being directed by Ridley Scott, and returning back to their roles from ‘Prometheus’ are Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace as they will continue the story where they left off. There is still hope that this installment will not be like its predecessor and will be a worth a shot, from the poster it certainly looks like it is. The movie will be released on May 19th.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2:

Guardians of the Galaxy was nothing short of a masterpiece released by Marvel, it took the studio to a new level and gave us something fresh that we all loved. Now coming up this year is the second installment in the franchise, for which we wait eagerly. And this time we have an extra treat with a tiny baby Groot, which we all eagerly wait to see. The movie will be released on May 5th.

John Wick 2:

When John Wick was released, we were thrown into a world where guns went boom, bones were broken as Keanu Reeves did what he does best as an action hero. Now returning back into his role, Reeves will scowl, guns will be fired, bones will be broken and a treat will be given to all action lovers with John Wick 2. We await eagerly for its release on February 10th.

Top 5 Celebrity Couples of 2017

Top 5 Celebrity Couples of 2017 

Lets face it, we all love looking up the love lives of our favorite celebrities. Whether its purely for the sake of gossip, or we actually derive pleasure from knowing our favorite celebrity has settled down with their significant other; bottomline is that their love lives are pretty important to us. But even through the legions of them all, we do have out favorites and some couples just simply outshine the rest. Here are the top 5 celebrity couples of 2017:

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds:


Seldom do we see a couple as perfect as these two, though the two have been together for some time, the Deadpool recently had a daughter with Blake, named James. These two are seriously couple goals, and they will easily remain as one of the hottest couples in 2017.

Matthew Lewis and Angela Jones:

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 13: Matthew Lewis and Angela Jones attend the Lacoste VIP Lounge At ATP World Finals 2016 on November 13, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/ Getty Imagesfor Lacoste)
LONDON, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 13: Matthew Lewis and Angela Jones attend the Lacoste VIP Lounge At ATP World Finals 2016 on November 13, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/ Getty Imagesfor Lacoste)

One of the biggest shockers we got on 2016 was the news that, awkward kid turned absolute hottie, Matthew Lewis had gotten engaged to Angela Jones whom he had been dating since July. They met at Universal Studios in Orlando which is, as you guessed it, is the home to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They reportedly met at an event and things hit it off between them. The couple got engaged towards the end of the last year and still are the talk of the town.

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshaw:


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Speaking of Harry Potter, one is not too far away from the latest advancements in the timeline with the Fantastic Beasts out now, and with it we have Eddie Redmayne. Though the actor has been with his beloved wife since 2014, they are quite the talk of the town and we’ll admit they make a very cute couple. They are easily one of the top celebrity couples of 2017.

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs:


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Famous for playing not only the hottest vampire in history of film, but the heartthrob young wizard in Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire; its safe to say that Robert Pattinson is pretty famous, but when it comes to his girlfriend, she deserves way more credit. We know Robert is an actor, but Twigs can do a whole lot more as she’s a choreographer, musician and a songwriter making her the ultimate performer. Any one who looks at the happy couple will instantly get jealous. No matter our own feelings of jealousy, we do admit the couple is heartwarmingly cute.

Sam Claflin and Laura Haddock:


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And finally at the end of our list we have the Hunger Games star Sam Claflin who is currently enjoying wedding bliss, with his beautiful wife Laura Haddock. Sam Claflin is head over heels for the British actress, and the two were married in secrecy in 2013 which makes them one of the most unique couples in Hollywood. Sam is famous for his roles in the Hunger Games, Pirates of the Carribbean: On Stranger Tides, and Snow White and the Huntsman. They make a cute couple and we wish them happiness.

Though most of the couple on this list have been together for quite some time, its their chemistry and dedication each other that make them the happy couples they are, and that’s why they are on our list of top 5 celebrity couple of 2017.