Top 5 Tips to Get that Natural Make-up Look

Top 5 Tips to Get that Natural Make-up Look 

Who doesn’t want to look good?

Everyone has a natural desire to look good all the time in general and while going out or meeting someone, in particular. Many people believe that there is nothing like that natural make-up look. Here are top 5 tips to get that natural make up look.

  1. Fresh skin look

Get a fresh skin look by drinking plenty of water, washing and moisturizing your face. Use a lightweight oil-free sunscreen.

  1. Use your fingers

Apply your light makeup with moist fingers instead of using brushes or sponges. If you need to, then use a light-reflecting concealer pen under the eyes, around the nose or on your chin.

  1. Match the creamy blush with your skin’s flush

Avoid make up with a lot of sparkle. Just pat the blush lightly on your cheeks and blend outwards.

  1. For your eyes

Swipe your eye-lashes with a light coat of brown lengthening mascara. Use a shadow on the eye-lids. If you want to use the eyeliner, just smudge a little into the outer corners of your eyes.

  1. The final touch

A swipe of lip gloss or better still, using a color adjusting gloss would be the ideal choice to give you that perfect natural makeup look.




Top 5 Celebrity Beauty Trends for the Summer

Top 5 Celebrity Beauty Trends for the Summer

Summer is a season characterized by fashion and beauty. With the makeup beauty trends this summer, it will surely be one of the most memorable seasons. However, you might consider updating your beauty supply in order to add that summery look to your fashion

Best beauty trends for 2017

With the numerous skin care products flooding the market, finding the ideal makeup could prove to be an uphill task. However, with our beauty tips, you will be able to find that beauty supply that meets your requirements. Here are some of the beauty trends for this summer.

  • Blue eyeliner

Blue is the color for summer and there is no better way to enjoy this season than incorporating this color in your makeup. Blue eyeliners will enable you to achieve that fun and playful look. For eccentricity, use a thick eyeliner to ensure the thin line at the inner corner graduates to a thick line on the outer corner. This is definitely the surest way to achieve sophistication in a simple way.

  • Cherry lips

Most people believe that red lipstick should only be applied during glamorous nights. However, it could complement your summer fashion style if properly done. Red lipstick should be applied with a bare face. With cherry lips, you not only get to update your look but you also look casual.

  • Luminous skin

Summer is all about looking fresh and bright. Using strobe cream will enable you to bring brightness to your complexion. For a radiant glow, apply the cream on your entire face. On the other hand, if you are looking for a strobe-lit finish that is lustrous, apply the cream on different strategic parts of your face.

  • Balmed lips

You necessarily do not need to use too much makeup in order to stand out. You may decide to embrace the natural color of your lips this season. For that healthy and natural look, you simply need to apply lip conditioner.

  • Bronzed eyelids

This is one of the few beauty tips that can be adopted for any season or occasion. Applying a shade of soft gold will go a long way in complementing your summer outfit.


Makeup will definitely come in handy to enhance your look and fashion style. However, the outcome will be determined by the skin care products used and the way you apply them. Therefore, be sure to find skin care product that you can rely on to give you that adorable look. Now that you know the beauty trends for this summer, you are good to enjoy every bit of your summer holiday!